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Free Sim Cards

simsGetting a free sim card is a great way to keep on top of your monthly outgoings.

But before you jump the gun you should ask yourself the 4 questions below.




4 Things to Consider Before Ordering Free Sim Cards:

  1.  What type of rewards do you get for topping up? (For example: Free texts, calls and internet?)
  2. Do you get good signal strength on that network where you live/work?
  3. Does the network offer free/cheaper calls to the same network? (If so maybe it is a wise idea to find out what network your friends/family are on)
  4. Is your current mobile phone compatible with the mobile network? (If not you could consider getting your phone unlocked)



The Pros And Cons Of Pay As You Go Free Sim Cards

pros and consThe Pros:

1. the most obvious PRO of all is that it’s free (but you still have to top it up!)

2. You can stay in control of how much you spend as you can only spend what you top up!

3. You will not be stuck in a contract and you can cancel at any time!



The Cons:

1. You have to provide your own mobile phone

2. You can’t text/call when you run out of credit (sometimes you still can)

3. Sometimes the deals are not as good as contract deals


A few final words on the free sim topic:

sim cards last

Hopefully i have covered everything you need to get a good pay as you go sim card. If you take into consideration the 4 questions this should help you make a wise decision on picking the right provider for you!




Thank You for reading through my post and if you have any questions you could always contact me.

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